Laurelhurst was one of the original suburbs of Seattle before it was annexed, and it has kept that same feel. The streets wind peacefully through the neighborhood and homes are situated on little cul-de-sacs. If it weren’t for the views of Downtown Seattle from the top of the hill, you wouldn’t suspect you’re in a large city. Laurelhurst is bordered by Lake Washington on the south and partially on the east and west.  It is located just north of the 520 bridge. It is not surprising that this is one of the more popular areas for people who enjoy lake life. It’s easy to get to busier areas like the University District and even Downtown, Seattle.  And even though it’s quiet, no way is Laurelhurst snobbish! This is a close-knit community where everyone supports each other.

Places to Visit: Laurelhurst Playfield, Laurelhurst Beach Club, Union Bay Natural Area, Center for Urban Horticulture, Windermere Park

Wow!: Laurelhurst Beach Club has a canvas covered log.  Kids and adults love to see who can stay on the log the longest as it rolls and bounces in the water.

Walking score: 55 out of 100

Livability: 83 out of 100

Safety:  60% Safer than the Seattle average

Public Schools with rating:

  • Elementary: Laurelhurst (A)
  • Middle: Eckstein (A)
  • High School: Roosevelt (A)

Estimated travel times (without traffic):

  • 17 minutes to Downtown Seattle

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